Local Music

Slackstring: GOOD LOCAL BAND! Check ’em out! Local surfer Matt Muir rips on the drums like he does in the water, Gavin’s a surfer, Eric Lyman found us the name campsurf.com. These guys are cool, and they sound good!

Musket: Local Boys Matt Muir, Davey Ladder, Eric Lyman, and professional big wave surfer Brad Gerlach formed Musket just recently as a “just for fun” little project that turned out to be more than expected. April 5th they played the KROQ Microbrew Festival. A sick “stomp rock” sound that will get you pumped before your next surf session. Give it a listen on myspace.

PENNYWISE: These local South Bay legends make up the best punk band in the world. If you have not heard them rock or seen one of their live shows, do yourself a favor and get all of their CDs and make sure to see them live when you can.

Great Northern: Former Campsurf instructor and longtime friend Davey Ladder’s new project. A great mellow, unique sound. You might recognize their song “Home” from the recent Mazda commercials and the movie “21”.

Rude Boy Roots: Really good friends of ours. A sick Roots Reggae/Surf/Rock band that brings the styles of Sublime, Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals, and Jack Johnson together into their songs to create upbeat melodies that get you up and on your dancin’ feet. Check out their Myspace page.

Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds A high-energy mix of Reggae, Rock, Punk, Soul and Hip Hop. They create a refreshing and vibrant sound that can captivate any crowd. Every song on the new CD is great!

Havoc TV: A video-on-demand music channel headed up by longtime Campsurf friends! Features Action Sports videos, local bands, and tons of other killer music videos.