SURFTECH – Exclusive online dealer!! : The most sophisticated surfboard technology available today. Lighter, stronger, and great shapes for beginners and pros. Soft-Tops are good, safe, entry level boards. Purchase your next board online by clicking the link above.

Global Surf Industries: There mission in life is to get you onto the right board and into the water as quickly-and often-as they can! Great variety of beginner and intermediate boards available online.

AJ Surfboards and Quality Lumber: Shaper Andy Johnson hand shapes quality boards with love. Contact him at (310) 318-9473 and he’ll hook you up.

Na Papa Surfboards: These boards guarantee a better ride from the first wave. Check ’em out!

Sector 9: Surf on land with one of these. Practice techniques and feel the flow. I ride the Cosmic, but there’s a board and shape for everyone and every style. Available at all local surf shops.