Project Description

We are lucky because we’ve had the opportunity to build a business sharing  one of our true passions with you. Thousands of eager beginners have joined us to experience the feeling of being in the ocean, paddling out to catch a wave and challenging themselves to learn a new skill. There is nothing quite like the smile you see when a student stands up on their board for the first time!

Other than surfing, another great passion of many of our instructors is playing guitar. Like surfing, guitar is a life-enriching hobby. It’s social, healthy and perfect for building self-confidence and minimizing stress. The joy that comes from playing your favorite songs is as rewarding as catching waves.  Many of our students often tell us that along with learning to surf, learning to play guitar is on their bucket list.There are many parallels between learning to surf and learning guitar and just like learning to surf, the right program and instruction is important. Recently I discovered a company in Los Angeles whose values and mission is just like ours – to share their passion for guitar and music by giving students everything they need to learn and making the experience fun and easy for beginners who want to learn a cool skill. The Campfire Guitar program is the best I’ve personally seen and our team have been so impressed with the guitar and lessons that we’ve decided to share it with with you!

If you or your children would like to experience the joy and relaxation that comes from being able to pick up a guitar, and play your favorite songs, Campfire Guitar is a fantastic way to do it!
By entering “campsurf” at the checkout you will receive $20 off your purchase.
The Campfire Guitar bundle is suitable for ages 8+ and is everything a beginner will need to learn their favorite songs easily, in a fun way. Campfire Guitar ships students a beautiful studio-quality guitar and they learn online with easy-to-follow premium lessons and support materials. For $229 students get a great guitar and unlimited access to easy-to-understand support material and on-screen graphics. There are 3 lessons (total lesson time is 1 hour) and students will be taken through all the essentials and drills that are designed especially to get them playing actual songs by the end of the program.
Parents often tell us that they want to give their children the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn a new skill and adults tell us they are looking for a fun hobby that lets them de-stress and relax. Along with surfing, guitar has brought us much happiness and I think it’s a great hobby. Campsurf is excited to be partnering with Campfire Guitar
and bringing more music into the world!