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Yoga Groms – Yoga Camp for Kids


2016 Dates TBD


Classes will be held at the Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach (Directions). 1:30PM-4PM each day. $295/week or $65/day. Camp will be centered on yoga, but will include many other aspects of healthy living including healthy food preparation, deep breathing techniques, introduction to meditation, arts and crafts, and other types of physical fitness. The camp will be led by Jamie Horgan who has gained a faithful following here in the South Bay and is regarded as one of the best yoga teachers in the area.


$295 per week
$65 per day

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I enjoyed Yoga Groms Camp because I learned more about yoga, tried poses that would not usually be practiced in a regular class, and most importantly, I had fun and met several friends that I am still friends with a year later! Jamie is an amazing teacher and everyone in the class definitely enjoyed themselves. The class is appropriate for all levels of yogis, and I recommend it for kids who are not sure if they like yoga, and want to try it out. Also, the studio it was in last year was very clean and nice, and Yoga Loft, where it will take place this year, is also an awesome studio overlooking the ocean. This class is an experience you won’t want to miss out on!
The yoga groms yoga camp was a spectacular experience. It made me feel very calm and peaceful, but still getting a workout. I am very confident saying that anyone who decides to do this camp, or is thinking about doing it, will have an amazing time, and will come out with a great attitude and a huge smile.
Jennifer B
Yoga Groms is a lot of fun! After each day, I felt refreshed and stronger. I looked forward to the next class and was determined to improve upon each of the yoga poses I had learned. At the end of each class we did some arts and crafts. I especially loved making a goals and dreams collage. Jamie was so great and really made the overall experience awesome. She taught us about how to be healthy and of course yoga. Yoga Groms is an amazing camp that I’m really looking forward to going back to this summer!
Emily S