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I can’t believe how much my daughter improved in one week. Marcio was the best. He even invited the campers down to watch practice with Kerry and April. 2 weeks later my daughter was glued to the TV watching Kerry and April in the Olympics. Bonding time!!!!

Thank you Camp Volley

— Walter Hastey

We loved our visit to Manahattan Beach! Taking a surfing lesson with Josh was one of the highlights for my teenage sons. Josh was laid back, patient and very informative. It did not take long for them to get up!! We would highly recommend Campsurf to anyone!

— Ellen

I just wanted to say thanks for such a great experience for my kids surfing yesterday. Both of my girls had some fear after a bad Hawaii experience where the conditions of the waves were overwhelming and they were left traumatized and resistant to wanting to ever go again. Your instructors were really great with them, Vivi had someone take her out and get her into the water so patiently and get her back to feeling good about surfing pretty quickly.

But the reason i’m writing this is to mention one of you instructors Dana, who was able to do what nobody else could and that is get my daughter Veronica (Ronnie) back into the water to even try to surf again. Her fear was so big she started the day just siting on the beach refusing to even go in the water and by the time I picked her up she was bragging about how she had gone with Dana out far into the water and actually stood up and surfed! I really didn’t know if that was possible, but Dana had such a great way with her and really encouraged her in a way that brought her to the other side of her fear back into confidence and wanting to surf again 🙂

I thanked Dana but wanted to let you also know how much we appreciate him and what he did for Ronnie. Of course there are good surf instructors out there and some amazing surfers with great technique but it is rare to find someone so gifted at teaching others especially kids and having the human capacity to work with them past fears and resistance into having a positive experience. That goes beyond what most instructors are capable of and I think he really made an impact on Ronnie 🙂

— Valeri V

The lesson was great, as was James. He was patient and positive, two necessary virtues when teaching a old guy a new trick. He made the entire experience a success. He even warmed up the ocean and tamped down the waves to a manageable height. Many thanks

— Mike

Thank you again for the lesson today. We had a great time. Some of the guys who thought they couldn’t do it, succeeded in getting out in the water, getting up on their boards, and surfing to the shore. We appreciate your focus and individual attention for those guys who needed it.

— Devin S

As always the appointment was easy, and the instructor Eddy was excellent for my out-of-town French niece to have her first taste of surfing in easy and safe instruction.

— Jin

The lesson was great!!!! I had a lot of fun. Kelly is a great instructor. Very patient, knowledgeable and made it fun. Can’t wait for my next lesson!

— Avi

James has been great. Will has been improving and really enjoys working with James and as parents we know Will is safe. Many thanks for the experience. We will be booking more lessons online soon.


Thank you for such an awesome experience! Stokes was a great instructor and explained safety elements, lesson goals, and ocean water terminology very well. Can’t wait to do it again! 🙂

— Stacey

James is a great instructor. Will had a great time and we’ve already scheduled his next lesson!

— Anne


I had a great time at my lesson on Thursday. Jon was professional, friendly, and a great teacher. With his help I was able to paddle into all of the waves on my own, and rode my third wave (and quite a few more) successfully! I would definitely recommend Camp Surf to anyone looking for lessons in the area.


— Sean

Hey Chris,

My kids had a fantastic time today!…Kyle and Chris were excellent teachers and great guys. Thanks for a memorable morning, and we’ll see you again!

Best regards,

— Thomas


Being from Idaho I had no idea what to expect from a surf school I just picked off the web but I only had a few hours in LA and wanted to learn how so I decided good or bad I would just do it. My surf instructor, Kyle, met me in the parking lot at Manhattan Beach, got me into a good wet suit and ran me quickly through some basics on the sand. I was in the surf quickly and ready to catch a wave. Kyle was really positive as I wiped out a couple of times (giving me pointers along the way) and soon I was riding each wave I caught back to the beach. Kyle’s attitude was great, he was really encouraging and made me feel comfortable being a newbie. I highly recommend Campsurf and highly recommend Kyle. Now, I just need to find a good place to surf in Idaho.

Thanks again,

— Quinn

I just wanted to say Thank You! It turned out to be a beautiful day and All the kids had a great time! Please thank Blake and the other instructors, they did a super job and made sure eveyone caught some waves.


Thanks very much for your email. Last summer my daughter Allegra had a couple private lessons with Brooke and really enjoyed them. In fact she stood up during her first lesson! She is very eager to take more lessons this summer.

Being from Idaho I had no idea what to expect from a surf school I just picked off the web but I only had a few hours in LA and wanted to learn how so I decided good or bad I would just do it. My surf instructor, Kyle, met me in the parking lot at Manhattan Beach, got me into a good wet suit and ran me quickly through some basics on the sand. I was in the surf quickly and ready to catch a wave. Kyle was really positive as I wiped out a couple of times (giving me pointers along the way) and soon I was riding each wave I caught back to the beach. Kyle’s attitude was great, he was really encouraging and made me feel comfortable being a newbie. I highly recommend Campsurf and highly recommend Kyle. Now, I just need to find a good place to surf in Idaho.

— Quinn

Chris..Hi!! Karen Gregan here….sorry we didn’t have a chance to meet….just wanted you to know that your entire group was son had the best time ….so happy and told me it was the most amazing party ever .. Also, many parents took brochures … as they were so impressed …. and we are going to do a mom’s day of surfing … should be interesting ..
Ok so I was expecting 1 person to stay till 7 but 2 did and I had 60 $ to tip one..but they ended up having to split it..soooo…can I send a check to each of them and I will mail it to you……? I think I would have liked to give them another $25 they made so many trips to my car….Coco..and someone else..I forgot his name….please let me know….
It was an amazing afternoon …. so thank you a lot for that!

— Karen Gregan

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Chris Wells for such great surfing lessons. I had 2 lessons with Chris. One yesterday and one today. It was awesome and Chris taught me a lot about the ocean, safety and how to surf with so much energy and enthusiasm. What a great experience! I will go back to the UK happy that I did it!
I attach a couple of photos.
Please pass on my thanks to Chris.
Have a great summer!

— Rachel

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Camp Surf a few times. Every time I have been paired with a great instructor that has helped me learn and have a great time! They promise that you will get up as long as you try and they were right, I got up both visits! Thanks Camp Surf for the time of my life!!! I will definitely be back.

— Racheal

Hi Chris,
Having a child diagnosed with autism, has lead to its fair share of heartache and disappointments. Perhaps most difficult has been attempting to find after school programs and camps that have the patience to deal with these unique and wonderful kids. That is why, I can’t state strongly enough the positive and beneficial experience that my son is having at Camp Surf. To say that it exceeded our expectations would be a tremendous understatement. My son, who was initially reluctant to attend the surfing lessons, quickly became enamored with surfing and bonded immediately with the staff. The instructors all seem personally vested in the development and success of every student, while making the experience fun and enjoyable. There is no pressure for performance here, just encouragement and camaraderie. Since attending Camp Surf, I have noticed improved confidence in my son and his true desire to continue with the sport. I could not have dreamed of a better scenario. This is why I give Camp Surf my highest recommendation and thank Chris Brown the Executive Director of the Program for his dedication to helping others and instilling to his students a passion for the great sport of surfing.

— Kathryn Novakovic

Thank you for making my bachelorette memorable and amazing for everyone! All the Campsurf instructors are AMAZING! They take the time with each surfer to be sure the are knowledgeable and safe in the water and put everyone at ease so you are able to focus on What it’s all about… Having a great time and experiencing surfing! We will all be back soon to surf with you!!! Thanks again!

Hi Chris,
Thank you so much for the amazing surf experience. Kawika was so cool and such a great teacher. I am excited to keep surfing back home in Miami and whenever I am out in LA I’ll be sure to contact CampSurf!

— Marissa

We had a great time this morning.
Jason was excellent, explained everything we needed to know and was very helpful to Katie and Olivia who were both a little apprehensive about tackling the S Cal waves.
Please pass on our thanks and we would certainly recommend your surf school to anyone.
Many Thanks

— Lyle Andrew, Northern Ireland

Hi Tommy!
I just wanted to follow up and let you know that my 8 year old Richard and I had a FANTASTIC lesson with Jason a couple of weeks ago. He was patient and helpful and we learned a lot. We’ve been boogie boarding since and I know that Richard very much wants another surf lesson.
Thank you again, and please let Jason know we just LOVED the lesson and surfing and the ocean…..what fun!

Thanks for making such a difference in our kids lives! You are the best role model for our son ever…and he puts you on a big ole pedastal. Life without all the surf stuff you have shared w us would be boring!

There is no question that if we are ever in the area or know someone looking for lessons, we will send them your way.
Thanks again.

— Katie

I just want to say how pumped I am on everything you and the team have done for Mac. He honestly enjoys surfing more than any other sport….how lucky am I? 🙂 I attribute that all to you guys. THANK YOU!!!!
Please pass the thank you along to Jason and the others who help make each Friday something to look forward to.

— JC

Tommy I wanted to send you a note to thank you for doing such a great job with Kevin last week. He REALLY didn’t want to go, but I didn’t know that until after I set it up. He doesn’t like to try new sports and is afraid of sharks. Of course he had a great time surfing with you anyways. He told me afterwords how much he liked it. He also talked about how much he liked it when his cousin came the next day too. I knew if anyone could get him in water it would be you.

— Wendy

Hi Chris!
Lana had a GREAT time with Kawika. He was such a knowledgeable instructor. He gave he so many great tips. She can’t wait to go out again! We would love to take more lessons with him. Do you offer packages of lessons?

— Debbie

Hi Chris,
I just wanted to thank you for our surf lessons, we had an excellent time out in the water and Kawika was an amazing instructor! I’ve taken lessons before, but I learned so much from Kawika and he was so friendly! If I’m ever back in Southern California, I will be back for sure!

— Chelsea

Thank you so much for letting Ethan do Campsurf…It was nice for him to finally be where he is the happiest-in the water! This camp is more than just surfing, it’s a sense of belonging and growing with the community. Thanks for showing us such incredible generosity.
All our love and best

— The Wards

I just want to compliment you and your great team of instructors who always present themselves as amazing (FUN) role models and who Jake not only feels very comfortable with, but looks forward to seeing every Friday.
Thanks again

— Kim

Everything worked out great. Kawika was awesome. My wife and I had a really great time and will definitely be back in the water. Next time I’m in LA, I’ll take another lesson from Campsurf.

— Bryan

We had a great time!
We’ll schedule our 2nd lesson very soon.
Dave was great

— Marianne

Thanks, Tommy!!! I can’t get Kaden OUT of the water since he did your surf camps over the summer!! 🙂

I wanted to say thank you for the surf lessons. Kyle was a natural with both the kids, they had a great time and learned a great deal with him. We will be in contact again next summer.
Thanks again

— Maria

The boys had a terrific time learning to surf. Your instructors were fun and knowledgeable.

— Jon

Hey CB!
We All just wanted to let you know that the kids had an Amazing time at camp this week! Your team did such a great job with them!!!
Thanks so much!

— Terry

Hey Chris,
Just wanted to let you know my sons and I had a great time at Camp Surf last week. Jamie and Taylor took care of us and my sons were stoked! No time for skateboarding; they only want more! Now me, I’ll keep trying! LOL. Thanks again man! Best to ya!

— Steve

Kawika was the best! He shared a lot of knowledge with me, knew how to pace his lesson, and had a great personality. I am sure he understands the GCT, Guest Centered Teaching model, of PISA-RM.

— Jeff Kleck, Superintendent, MUSD 20

We had a great time surfing with Kawika. He was all about making the lesson fun and making us feel totally comfortable. My wife had a great time even though she wasn’t feeling well and we’re both really glad we did it. Camp Surf was also more reasonably priced than the other surf schools I had found online. Thanks again Kawika – we wanted to do something completely random (we’re from Michigan) to celebrate her birthday and my graduation and you made it happen

— Steve

We had our lesson last Saturday with Taylor and we had a great time. Taylor was a fantastic instructor and we learned a lot and had fun. In fact, we were so inspired that we bought some fun boards based on Taylor’s recommendation and went out the next day to practice. We need a lot more practice. I’m sure we will be calling for another lesson in the near future.
Thanks so much!

— :xo) Brandi

Thanks so much for a great experience. Taylor and Jamie were great teachers along with all the other staff. They were so supportive, friendly & kind. The experience was even better than we had hoped for. Keep it up

— Angie

Hey CB and Tommy (and all the great instructors),
Wow, what a great way for Sean to spend his summer. He is with great surfers, great instructors and great friends. You all have made summer, surfing and friendship what it is all about. When Sean walks in the door at the end of each day and tells me about being “Barreled” with a smile that could light up the room; telling me about having lunch at the roof top (secret spot) with all the guys. You all make summer surfing so much fun; thanks for creating the next generation of surfers with such a positive experience

— Dianne

Hi Chris,
Josie and Peyton had such a great time!!! Your crew rocks and I want to take a private lesson with Josie… but the wet suit has to be dry… or else I’ll cry… LOL

— Christy

Hey CB!
Can I tell you what a great week it has been for Sean. Your instructors and program were fantastic. I highly recommend this camp to all (and I do) what a great group of guys; and thanks again for making surfing about the kids

— Dianne

Just wanted to let you know that Kurt and Daren did a wonderful job teaching my group of 14-year old girls how to surf! They were incredibly patient and encouraging, and helped make the party a great success. Thank you for all your help in organizing the party.
Maybe we will see you next year?

— Martha

Thank you Tommy and Staff…
Just wanted to let you know that my friends and I had a GREAT time today. “Gregor and Matt were super–” very knowledgeable and so eager to get us on every wave possible…they really worked it out there today.
I will be coming back for some more lessons (hopefully soon) and will be recommending your surf school!
Thanks again!

— Becky

Thanks Kurt & Chris!
My daughter Sabrina truly enjoyed her surfing lessons while we were in Cali on holiday… I will keep your information for the next time that we visit, as surfing lessons will now be part of”our things” to do every time. Thanks again for making our vacation a even more exciting vacation with “memories of a lifetime.”

— Kimberly, Parent

Hey Chris,
I just wanted to let you know I had a great time surfing last week. Dave was an awesome instructor, he had me standing up on the board in no time and by the end of the lesson I was catching real waves (not just the whitewater!) By myself.
Thanks again

— Ken

Hey Tommy,
Just wanted to say thanks again for your time and patience with me today. I had a lot of fun and would really like to pick it up and surf more!! You were awesome and so chill about it all. You really made my first time surfing a great experience. I am already thinking of another lesson with you…

Hello Chris! I didn’t manage to meet you in person when I was dropping off my excited campers. I have heard your name so often through the Aschers and the Viklunds. I wanted to tell you how much my kids, Mason, Caroline and John loved your camp!! The counselors were amazing and they just had the best summer experience. If it is OK, the boys would like to come tomorrow and possibly Tuesday. If there is a problem, email me back, otherwise they will be there at 10 on Monday. Thanks so much and again, looking forward to meeting you in person!

— Amy

Hi Chris I wanted to say on behalf of me and my friends i would like to say a BIG Thank you to Dan and Andrew for the surfing on Sunday. Everyone had a wicked time and the two guys were a great help. I have attached a photo of the group. Many thanks

Just a note to say how great you were for our surfing lesson. I think Judi was overwhelmed with the strength of waves (as was I) and I realized how out of shape I am. I felt very safe with you though. Anyway, the spark is lit so I know I will both pursue more lessons with you as summer arrives. Expect to hear from us in the next few months!! Thanks again

Just wanted to say thank you for squeezing us in this past Friday for the lesson. All three of us had a great time and will probably try surfing again in the future. Also, thanks for the great recommendation for lunch. We all got the milkshakes at Sloopy’s, and yes, you were correct; they were fantastic. You should have joined us and had one yourself!
Thanks again

Hello Chris,
I just wanted to thank you and Mark for the great lesson, I had a kick a** time, Mark was excellent at explaining everything. Bottom line, I’m very happy and I’m hoping I can set up another private lesson next month!!

— Raul

Hi Chris,
Here is a picture that says it all. Thanks for a wonderful week, and say thank you to Taylor and Jason. They were great

— Emily’s Grandpa


I just wanted to let you know that we had an awesome time surfing. Mark was so patient and I think we gave him a few laughs for sure. I can only imagine what it’s like to surf on “real waves”. Y’all rock!

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