Learn to Surf – 5 important things to know

A surfer getting barreled at Rosecrans in El Porto Manhattan Beach Los Angeles

Safety should always be a top priority when learning how to surf. This includes being aware of your physical abilities and limitations, understanding ocean conditions such as rip currents and tides, and knowing what to do in case of emergencies. It is also important to always wear a leash and surf in designated areas with lifeguards present.

A South Bay Surf Season For The Record Books

big waves in front of Martha's Hermosa Beach surf winter 2023

A South Bay Surf Season For The Record Books At the risk of dating myself, I’ve been an interested observer in every good run of surf we’ve had in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach since the 1970s. I can confidently say that the last few weeks have been the best 3-week stretch of […]

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