Learn to Surf – 5 important things to know

A surfer getting barreled at Rosecrans in El Porto Manhattan Beach Los Angeles

Safety should always be a top priority when learning how to surf. This includes being aware of your physical abilities and limitations, understanding ocean conditions such as rip currents and tides, and knowing what to do in case of emergencies. It is also important to always wear a leash and surf in designated areas with lifeguards present.

The Art of the Pop-up

Chris Brown teaches how to pop up on your surfboard in manhattan beach ca

Pioneer surf photographer/videographer Brad Jacobson interviews our very own Chris Brown (CB) to teach us “The Art of the Pop-up” . “It’s easy to over analyze and over think the pop up when surfing. I chased down Chris Brown, owner of Camp Surf, to discuss the art of the pop-up and how important it is […]

Learn to Surf in Manhattan Beach

kids learn to surf in los angeles ca

Campsurf, located in the vibrant beach community of Manhattan Beach, is the epitome of a full-service surf school. With a commitment to excellence, safety, and above all, fun, it has become a cherished institution on the California coast. Campsurf offers a diverse range of services, including surf schools and surf camps for individuals of all […]

Surfing is for Everyone

a boy rides a wave with the help of a qualified campsurf instructor at summer beach camp

Surfing is for Everyone Surfing is a popular water sport that attracts people from all walks of life. It is an exciting activity that requires strength, balance, and coordination. While some people may be naturally gifted surfers, it is still essential to take surf lessons before hitting the waves on your own. Here are some […]

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